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7 common infectious diseases in children

There are lots of infectious diseases that affect children. Some of them are very common, and most kids will be expos...

How can I relieve headaches the natural way?

Find out how to relieve a headache naturally with our tips and tricks. We discuss natural therapies for headaches to help you get on with your life pain-free.

What should I look for in a good hand sanitiser?

We discuss what you should look for in a good hand sanitiser, including the best hand sanitisers for sensitive skin and the best moisturising hand sanitiser.

How can I keep my skin healthy when using face masks?

Wearing face masks means maskne and other skin conditions for many people. We look at wearing a mask and the skin problems it can cause, and how to prevent these.

5 great habits to keep your child healthy

As a parent, your children’s health and safety is going to be a priority. Take a look at our 5 habits for children’s health and wellbeing to last a lifetime.

When is a fever in a child dangerous?

A guide to knowing when a child’s fever is dangerous. Includes how to treat your child at home, when to seek medical help and some serious illnesses with fever.

How to help someone you care for with hygiene

If you’re a carer, read our tips on helping keep your loved one clean. Hacks like hand sanitiser spray and disposable face masks will help you achieve this goal.

How can I teach my child about good hygiene practices?

Get your child off to a good start in life with our children’s hygiene checklist. It includes children’s hygiene activities to make learning about health fun.

How can I support my child with a chronic health condition?

Supporting a child with a chronic health condition is challenging. Read our tips to helping your child with a chronic health problem live more confidently.

How can I treat fever in adults?

Fever in adults is a temperature of 38°C or over. Find out the symptoms and causes of fever in adults, when to worry, how to treat fever and how to avoid it.

5 common childhood illnesses and how to treat them

Check out our guide to childhood illnesses, their signs and symptoms and get tips on how to care for your child at home and when you should call the doctor.

How can I boost my immune system?

As the winter approaches, we offer tips to boost your immune system with vitamins and other supplements and other immune system boosters to keep you healthy.
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