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5 Tips on Transitioning Your Toddler From a Cot to a Big Bed

5 Tips on Transitioning Your Toddler From a Cot to a Big Bed

There comes a day when your toddler moves from their cot to their big boy or girl bed. This transition can be bumpy and take a few nights. We understand how important it is for them to move from their cot to their new bed. We've picked out the five best tips to help you successfully make the transition and let your toddler drift off to sleep. 

Tip One - Make the Room Safe

Your toddler's room and bed should be safe for them to play in and sleep in. You should double-check that all of your windows are secure. Keep any cords to your curtains or blinds well out of your toddler's reach. Add child safety locks to any electrical appliances in the room, and make sure that you secure any heavy objects. You can put a small first aid kit in the room, so it's close in case of an emergency. 

Tip Two - Pick Out a Safe Bed

It's important that you have a safe bed for your toddler to sleep in when you transition them over. They can fall out of bed, so having a bed that is lower to the ground is a good idea. Another option is to get a toddler bed with railings. The railings can run half of the bed. If your toddler were to roll over, the railings would stop them from falling out of the bed. You can ask your child to help pick out their new bed to get them excited about it. 

Tip Three - Set Up a Bedtime Routine

Toddlers and young kids do best when they have a bedtime routine to follow each night. If you don't have a routine, start getting one in place before you transition them to their new bed. Give them a warm bath or shower and have them brush their teeth. Get them into bed and have a short storytime before bedtime. They'll get sleepy during this routine, and it'll make falling asleep much faster and easier. This routine may take a few weeks to get into place, but your toddler will be happier for it. 

Tip Four - Use Positive Reinforcement 

Change can be scary for your toddler, especially when you move them from one bed to another. They've been in this cot their entire lives, and you want to move them. One way to make this easier is to offer positive reinforcement. Every night they sleep in their new bed, they can get a sticker. When they get five or seven stickers in a row, they can pick out a small toy. Be excited about setting up their new big boy or big girl bed. Let your child get involved and excited too! 

Tip Five - Take Your Toddler's Comfort Items to the New Bed

If your child is attached to a certain animal or bedding, move it to their new bed. They'll be able to get a sense of familiarity with it in bed with them. Having comfort items is a widespread thing with small children. It helps them feel safe and secure in a new environment like their big kid bed. If your toddler has a favourite stuffed animal, make sure you move it to the new bed. These comfort items can help your toddler settle in faster. 

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