Our story

Landy and Michael know how important it is to make useful and quality products.  Their first product launched was the Mediband medical ID product which has been helping customers and saving lives world-wide since 2004!

FeverMates was conceived when our kids were sick with the flu, they were always grumpy, miserable and impossible to manage. Taking their temperature to work out how sick they were was impossible and on one occasion, the battery failed on the digital thermometer.

That’s when we decided there had to be an easier way of monitoring a fever. It took a few months of planning, and working out exactly how we were going to make a product that could be easily and safely used. After deciding on a stick-on product, we made a prototype that passed all relevant product and safety tests, then proceeded to test it on ourselves and our children when we were unwell with the flu. It worked!

And the rest is history as they say. FeverMates are now sold in just about all continents world-wide.  We also have plans to introduce other fever related products, in an effort to make management of fever easier than ever. It’s the simple things in life that makes things easier for parents!