Do you use an old thermometer to measure temperature?  FeverMates has designed and created two ingenious medical products which help to make managing and looking after a fever easier.  We look at these 2 products below and why they should be part of any home, medicine cupboard, purse, bag and first aid-kit, and even whilst travelling.

1. FeverMates Monitoring Stickers

fevermates, fever monitors, fever management, kids, children, colds, fluFevermates Stick-On Patches are the convenient, easy-to-read, fuss free stick-on fever & temperature indicators that allow you to continuously monitor your children’s fever or temperature for up to 48 hours at a glance. Each packet of FeverMates holds 8 temperature indicator stickers, so you'll always have a supply ready for when you need them.

Great for Travelling

FeverMates are also great for travelling, and easily fit into a purse, bag or wallet - ready for your next boat, plane or car trip away!  

No batteries required!

FeverMates don't need any batteries so they are ready for when your child has a temperature and you need to monitor it!  Plus they can be worn in the bath or shower.

FeverMates monitors Fever continuously, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

FeverMates Fever Indicators are available in two purchase size configurations.  A Single Pack containing 8 stickers and a Retail Display Unit Pack which holds 12 Single Packs, holding a total of 96 stickers.


2. FeverMates Cooling Patches

fevermates, cooling patches, fever relief, migraine, headache, instant coolingWhen your little one has a fever, you want to do everything you can to help them feel better. The intense heat of a fever can leave them feeling overheated and sweaty. Soothing, cooling patches can make a big difference. FeverMates cooling patches are specifically designed for little heads, providing cooling relief when your child needs it most. 

Convenient and Easy to Use 

When you are worried about your sick child, you don't want any additional stress. Fortunately, FeverMates cooling patches are remarkably easy to use. First, clean and dry your little one's forehead. Then, simply peel off the protective backing to reveal the sticky surface so that you can apply it. Starting from one side and sliding your fingers across, gently press the patch onto your child's skin. That really is all there is to it! 

Instant Cool Soothing Relief

FeverMates Cooling Patches provides instant soothing relief from the discomfort associated with fevers. It is important to note that it does not contain any medicine. This means it will not cure or heal your child's ailment. Still, the relief from the heat can be a welcome relief. This can help your child get through the fever as quickly and easily as possible. 

FeverMates Cooling Patches are available as a Single Pack containing 6 patches.

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