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Hand Sanitiser

FeverMates Hand Sanitiser is Laboratory Tested.

FeverMates Gel Sanitiser is dermatologically tested.

FeverMates makes it easy to buy hand sanitiser online and ensures delivery is contactless and quick thru Australia Post and other delivery methods we use.

FeverMates Australian made hand sanitiser was developed to bring consumers everyday convenience. Our sanitiser is not only highly moisturising, but it's also laboratory tested.  You can trust that FeverMates does not cut corners on quality to save on price.  Every bottle is produced under stringent quality and production guidelines to ensure that what we say is in the bottle, IS in the bottle. Your safety and that of others depend on this.

For bulk hand sanitiser pricing as low as $5 INC GST per 500ml contact FeverMates today (dependent on your volume requirements).

Please wash your hands with soap and running water if available, as hand sanitiser is still no substitute for soap, even 70% alcohol FeverMates hand sanitiser.  We want you to be safe!  So if you have the chance, use hand soap and water.  If you don't have soap available, however, the World Health Organisation recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with minimum  60% alcohol content.  FeverMates instant hand sanitiser is 70% alcohol content plus added moisturisers to ensure your hands don't dry out. 

FeverMates hand sanitiser is now available to buy online.  Carry hand sanitiser with you in case soap and running water is not available and remember to do your part to help stop the spread of germs and flatten the curve. Germs are spread thru contact and when out and about, you can ensure that the many surfaces your hands come in contact with are kept clean and germ-free.

Please note the detailed hand rub and washing techniques provided on the FeverMates hand sanitiser page and remember to read directions provided.  These directions and hand rub techniques are also provided in a care leaflet with your purchase of any hand sanitiser online.

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