1. FeverMates Fever Monitors

Two temperatures are displayed at the same time - What does this mean?

When two temperatures are shown, the temperature that is mid-way between these two numbers.


What does N mean on my FeverMates?

N is for Normal temperature and indicates that there is No fever.


My FeverMates is not displaying a temperature

This might occur on very rare occasions.  There are a number of reasons why the temperature might not be displaying:

a. Ensure there is no moisturiser or other barriers between the skin and the sticker.

b. Ambient temperature should be between 20-30 degrees C. Higher or lower temperature will affect temperature reading. For example, too low ambient temperature may require a longer time for the temperature to display; too high ambient temperature, will give higher body temperature reading than the user actually has.

c. If placed on extremities such as hands and feet, this will not provide core body temperature reading.

d. Product should be stored in a reasonable temperature range indicated on instructions.


What Purchase Units Sizes are Available? 

FeverMates are available in two purchase size configurations.  A Single Pack containing 8 stickers; and a Retail Display Unit Pack which holds 12 Single Packs, holding a total of 96 stickers.


2. FeverMates Cooling Patches

Coming soon!

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