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How can I relieve headaches the natural way?

How can I relieve headaches the natural way?

Headaches are a common condition that affects all of us at some time. Usually, they can be dealt with simply by taking pain relief medication.

But if you suffer from frequent headaches, you may be reluctant to keep taking drugs. Instead, you might be seeking some effective and natural therapies for headaches with no side effects.

Keep reading to find out how to relieve a headache naturally with our simple tips that you can try at home.

Keep hydrated

Many headaches are caused by dehydration. Simply drink more water to relieve headaches triggered this way.

The government’s healthdirect website advises to drink small quantities of water regularly if you are dehydrated to help combat symptoms such as headaches. You can also sip an oral rehydration solution to help rehydrate your body.

Prevention is better than cure, so if you make an effort to keep hydrated on a daily basis, then you can reduce the risk of headaches.

Use essential oils

Using essential oils is a pleasant way to relieve the pain of headaches naturally. Lavender and peppermint essential oils can be used to help soothe away a throbbing head.

You can use a couple of drops in base oil and massage your temples to relieve a tension headache. Or rub some lavender oil on your upper lip and inhale the aroma to help get rid of a migraine headache.

Rethink your sleeping routine

Headaches can be caused by too little or too much sleep. Rethink your sleeping routine to help keep attacks under control.

If you struggle to get enough sleep, follow our tips:

  • Relax for an hour before bed with activities like reading, yoga or meditation.
  • Keep your phone in another room so you’re not tempted to check it.
  • Ensure that the temperature in your bedroom is comfortable.
  • Use blackout blinds or curtains to block out early morning light.

If you tend to oversleep and wake up with a headache, you can try the following:

  • Get up as soon as your alarm goes off.
  • Use a 'sunrise' alarm clock that gradually gets brighter, helping you to wake up naturally.
  • Go to bed at the same time every day to reset your routine.

Try relaxation techniques

You can relieve stress headaches naturally by using relaxation techniques to help you soothe away the source of your pain.

Yoga is known to be a great tension-buster. If you’re new to this activity, you can find plenty of videos suitable for beginners on YouTube.

Meditation is also an effective way to help you relax and ease tension. Join a class or search online to learn effective meditation techniques. When you practise them every day, you should find that your headaches are less frequent and severe.

Sometimes just taking a few deep breaths can be enough to take away the tension that is causing your headache. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out for a count of 10 for a simple way to relieve a headache naturally.

Try a cooling patch

Many people who suffer from headaches find relief from using a cooling compress or patch.

Suitable for both adults and children, a patch can be simply stuck onto the forehead area where it will soothe away headache pain.

The cooling sensation works to reduce inflammation where the patch is applied, which means that you are soon pain-free and able to get on with your day.

What should I do if I can’t shift my headache?

If you can’t shift your headache after trying these natural remedies, check your body for other signs of illness.

You can take your temperature with an infrared thermometer for an accurate reading. If it is 38°C or over, you may have a fever.

Consult a doctor if your fever reaches 40°C or over or does not respond to medication, or if you also experience:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headache lasting more than 72 hours
  • Loss of vision
  • Increasingly severe headache

Natural ways to beat the pain

Whether you suffer from occasional or frequent headaches, there are lots of natural ways to beat the pain and get back to living your best life.

At FeverMates, we support keeping you and your family healthy. Browse our collection of health and wellness products, including cooling patches for headache relief, as well as items such as sanitisers and face masks to help prevent the spread of infection.

All our products are designed to help you live the healthy and natural way…every day!

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