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Tap into 6 of the latest Australian wellness trends

Tap into 6 of the latest Australian wellness trends

It’s fair to say that the Covid-19 epidemic has dominated our lives for the last couple of years. But now it’s time to get back our focus to wellness and keeping healthy.

We’re going to help you do just that by taking a look at six of the latest wellness trends in Australia.

From physical to emotional wellbeing, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to tap into wellness trends after Covid for a healthy new future.

Gut health

Being more tuned into our gut health brings both physical and emotional rewards, making this a major well-being trend.

A healthy gut helps digestion, boosts your immune system and may also protect against conditions including autoimmune diseases and cancer.

There’s a link between gut health and mental health too. It’s a line of communication between your brain and your gut, involving the immune, hormone and nervous systems.

To improve your gut health, add more fibre to your diet, drink plenty of water and work on lowering your stress levels. You can also take gut health supplements to balance the bacteria found naturally in your gut. This will aid digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Mindful eating

Mindful eating is all about eating in harmony with the environment. Following a plant-based diet is ideal, but the term also includes eating organic and locally produced animal products, which are high-quality and sustainable.

Mindful eating also means doing your research and making responsible consumer choices. It includes the idea that you are present and involved when eating or drinking.

This means that mindful eating benefits include a new appreciation of food and the eating experience, improved digestion and a healthier approach to nutrition.

Emotional wellbeing

The lockdowns and restrictions we experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a better focus on emotional wellbeing.

Fortunately, many emotional well-being activities are easy to fit into your daily schedule. You could try:

  • Keeping track of your emotions in a journal
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • Practising a physical activity you enjoy
  • Having an aromatherapy massage
  • Going on a “date” with a friend
  • Keeping a gratitude list
  • Volunteering in your community

All these activities can help you to reduce stress, feel relaxed and enjoy life more fully.

Social media detoxing

A social media detox is a way of reducing or cutting out your use of sites such as Facebook and Instagram for a set period of time. This allows you to focus less on what everyone else is doing and concentrate on your own needs.

Set a period where you gradually cut down the time you spend on your socials. This exercise has many benefits, allowing you to find the space to enjoy activities that give you real pleasure.

You don’t have to cut out social media forever. Go back to it after your detox if you want to stay connected, but give yourself a daily time limit so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a way of ensuring that you get not just more sleep but better-quality sleep too.

The right amount of sleep is important to allow your body to rest and repair. It’s also linked to a lower risk of serious conditions like dementia, obesity and heart disease.

Follow these steps for sleep hygiene for better health:

  • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature
  • Don’t use devices like computers or phones an hour before bedtime
  • Avoid heavy meals, alcohol and caffeine in the evenings
  • Exercise during the day to prepare your body to wind down later

Cold therapy

Cold therapy is actually nothing new. Ice packs have long been used to treat injuries and reduce inflammation in first aid, for example.

The latest cold therapy trend recognises that cold stimulates the body’s own healing processes. When practised on a regular basis, cold therapy can improve your digestion, circulation and immune and lymphatic systems for improved overall health.

You can practise cold therapy by:

  • Turning down the temperature of your morning shower and practising deep breathing as you feel the cold sensations
  • Using cooling products like cooling patches to soothe aches and pains
  • Cold water swimming. Only do this when you have someone else with you.
  • Taking an ice bath. Again, don’t do this on your own.

Let us help you make caring at home easier

The wellness trends we’ve touched on here are all easy to achieve at home. Pick one or two that appeal to you, and try some of the techniques we’ve described.

To help you tap into wellness trends, you can browse our collection of health promotion products on the FeverMates site.

They are all designed to support your and your family’s health and include cooling products, hand sanitiser, face masks, thermometers and more.

With our speedy delivery throughout Australia and awesome customer service too, you can rely on us to help you achieve the healthier lifestyle you deserve!

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