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Fun Activities for Kids During the Corona Virus School Closures

Now that COVID-19 has been deemed a global pandemic, schools across the world are closing down to keep our kids saf...

Keeping Your Kids Safe During the Corona Virus

With the public health currently under constant threat due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's understandable that parents are concerned about the health and safety of their children. If you have kids at home, there are a few crucial child safety tips you can implement that will help you keep them and yourself safe. Read on to learn more about some simple yet effective ways you and your children can stay healthy and prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Don't Sweat the Heat: 4 Benefits of Using Cooling Patches

Playing outside is perhaps the best exercise your kids can get, but when the temperatures skyrocket it's easy to ov...

How to Manage Your Child's Nut Allergy

As hospitalizations for nut allergies in children continue to rise, explore ways you can manage a peanut allergy in children whether at home or at school.

Children's Arts and Crafts: Fostering Creativity in a Digital World

When it comes to child development and giving kids an outlet that encourages creativity, explore the benefits of children's art and crafts.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist

No matter the age of your children, use this back-to-school checklist as the ultimate resource to remind you of everything your kids need for school.

The Importance of Establishing a Night Routine for Your Bub

Establishing a consistent night routine can do wonders for your toddler's sleep and health. Learn why a night routine is so important here.

Smoothies for Kids: 5 Summer Smoothie Ideas That Are Healthy and Yummy

Smoothies are a great way to refuel and recharge over hot days in the summer. You should check out list here of some smoothies for kids.

5 Delicious and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Are you a parent trying to learn about some fun, affordable, and healthy lunchbox ideas. If yes, you should check out our ideas here.

8 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Hacks

Whether you have a newborn or toddler, you can always use some bath hacks to help during bath time. Click here to for 8 kid-friendly hacks!

How to Keep Young Ones Safe During Bushfire Season

Are you looking to learn how to talk to children about bushfire preparation and safety? Click here to learn more about bush fire safety for children!

10 Tips for Managing Your Child's Gift Expectations

90% of people in the United States celebrate Christmas, whether or not they adhere to Christian traditions at ot...
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