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WP1 Workplace First Aid Kit Hard Case by Trafalgar


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Take workplace safety seriously with this Trafalgar kit! 

Keep your workplace safe with this comprehensive first aid kit.

The WP1 first aid kit is made from a robust and durable polypropylene plastic with a handy carry handle.

The case has an additional tray for easy storage and covers all your needs.



420 x 200 x 230mm (W x H x D)



Burns, Bites, Stings
  • Antiseptic Spray 50ml x1
  • Hydrogel Sachet 3.5g x5
Eye Injuries
  • Eye pad x4
  • Sodium Chloride (saline) Pods 20ml x8
CPR, Rescue, Survival
  • Blanket - Thermal x1
  • Resuscitation-Safe Face Shield - Disposable x1
  • Adhesive Non-Woven Tape 2.5cm x 5cm x1
  • Biohazard Bag x1
  • First Aid Booklet x1
  • Forceps - Disposable x1
  • Nitrile Gloves Pack (pairs) x5
  • Pen x1
  • Plastic Bag Zip Lock (small) x2
  • Plastic Bag Zip Lock (medium) x2
  • Plastic Bag Zip Lock (large) x2
  • Register of Injuries Book x1
  • Safety Pins - Assorted x12
  • Scissors x1
  • Splinter Probe - Disposable x10
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