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COVID Rapid Antigen Test Dispatch Update

COVID RAT Test Kits Now Shipping

FeverMates is now an authorised supplier of ARTG (TGA) listed Rapid Antigen Test Kits with stock available immediately:



If you would like to swap your existing Panbio 4/PK PRE-ORDER to one of these brands please message FeverMates with "YES PANBIO SWAP - [Order Number]" and which kit you wish to swap for, and we will dispatch your order same day. 

As per T&C and product page description, no cancellation or refunds on medical devices.

Subject to change shipping estimates are stated at time of purchase for PRE-ORDERED products.

UPDATE - 22 Feb, 2022

Panbio 10/PK now shipping.  Stock is also now available for new orders. 

Panbio 4/PK will be available from early to mid-March.  If you wish to swap to Clungene or Roche, please email FeverMates as per above instructions.  Your order will then ship same day.  Otherwise orders can be upgraded to a 10/PK Panbio at an extra cost- contact FeverMates for details.

UPDATE - 17 Feb, 2022

Abbott Pharmaceuticals has advised our allocated December stock of Panbio 10/PK should be received 21-25 February.  All pre-orders will then be fulfilled.  20/PK stock will follow shortly after.  

Customers have mentioned to us that these Panbio pack configurations have been available in pharmacies for some time now.  Abbott Pharmaceuticals has now advised that these Panbio kits currently in pharmacies have been illegally imported from Asia and are not the TGA approved version of the Panbio kit.
Abbott has contacted a number of pharmacies to advise accordingly when they have become aware.

UPDATE - 2 Feb, 2022

Further Panbio stock has arrived and is being shipped to pre-orders. 

Roche 5/PK are instock and ready to ship while stocks last.

UPDATE - 28 Jan, 2022

Stock has arrived from suppliers and the FeverMates team is now fulfilling all outstanding pre-orders in order of queue priority. Please bear with the team as they work thru these shipments. Tracking details for your shipment will be emailed or SMS'd depending on your choice of communications, and you may have already received this notification.

Roche Diagnostic Rapid Antigen Test kit 5/PK are now shipping while stocks last.  

Abbott Panbio RAT test 1/PK kits are now shipping while stocks last.  Other Panbio PACK configurations including 4/PK, 10/PK & 20/PK are also arriving and currently shipping to existing pre-orders in queue priority position.  We have turned off pre-orders of these while we work thru existing pre-orders.

UPDATE - 24 Jan, 2022

FeverMates is happy to announce that stock is arriving this week and will be shipped according to priority in the pre-order queue. More details below.

Due to Covid, all industries, including FeverMates, are experiencing bottlenecks and supply issues. Whilst our team is working hard fulfilling the sheer mass of pre-orders, current delays in supply chains means we cannot commit to our usual fast dispatch time.

Providing updates in the new covid normal has been difficult. Device suppliers have constantly changed and delayed confirmed shipments due to the immense demand for rapid tests. We have made sure to keep our website pricing as low as possible and with the most up-to-date ETA’s on delivery. All Panbio COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test Kits have been marked as Pre-Order since December 21st, however we do apologise if your order has been delayed further than the ETA at the time of purchase.

Stock has arrived from suppliers and we are now fulfilling all outstanding pre-orders. Please bear with the team as they work thru these shipments. Tracking details for your shipment will be emailed or SMS'd depending on your choice of communications, and you may have already received this notification.

FeverMates has provided low cost RAT kits in the fight against unscrupulous players who gouge and charge much higher prices. We only ask that in return you allow us the time to process your order and dispatch it. FeverMates is a small family business and the team are trying the best they can to supply such an important health and medical product that will allow us all to return to some form of COVID normal.

Abbott Diagnostics has confirmed shipments of Panbio Rapid Kits are arriving consistently from this week. Stock has also been organised from an alternative brand - Roche Diagnostics (also made in South Korea).

We do not have confirmation which brand will arrive first. You are welcome to retain your originally ordered Panbio stock which will be shipped according to queue position, or request a swap to the Roche Diagnostic kits. We will however ship whichever kit arrives first in order to fulfil your order as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time.   



Fevermates will turn on pre-orders of Panbio &/or Roche products when we have dispatched sufficient existing orders in queue priority and availability is confirmed with suppliers. Please check product pages for details:





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