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Facts to Wristband


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Facts to Wristbands

What Facts to Wristbands Do

Facts to wristbands provide another tool for teachers and parents who might need to motivate and support their students and children in school.

Our bracelets carry short messages. Some look at them as a way to help students remember basic facts, such as multiplication tables, grammar, or other important information. They almost work just like class notes in that they keep required facts handy.

High schoolers and even college students will love the novelty and utility of using Facts to wristbands to remind them of the necessary information they need to succeed in their classes.

All Handband products are non-toxic and safe for the use by all school-age children. They are made of durable, high-quality silicone that can stand up to the typical wear and tear that hands and wrists get into, especially in school.

Facts to wristbands will help children to pay better attention, learn more, retain the knowledge, and have fun while looking cool in the process.

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