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St John Car Safety First Aid Kit


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St John Just-in-Case Car First Aid Kit 

Peace of Mind when you are on the road

We often find ourselves either behind the wheel or as a passenger in a motor vehicle, but in the unlikelihood of a motor vehicle, you may only have minutes to act. Have peace of mind with this high quality kit that can treat common injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

Includes a safety vest and safety triangle.

Therapeutic Goods Authority approved ensuring highest quality.

Shelf life of 1-3 years

Product tested by 10,000 Australian volunteers each year

Dimensions: 450mm x 160mm x 75mm



1 x St John Bag Resealable Plastic Small
1 x St John Bag Resealable Plastic Medium
1 x St John Bandage Conforming 5cm
1 x St John Bandage Triangular 110cm
1 x St John Blanket Emergency Accident
2 x St John Dressing Non-Adherent 10cm x 10cm
1 x St John Dressing Wound No. 15
1 x St John Face Shield CPR With Valve
1 x St John Gloves Nitrile Large 2s
2 x St John Pad Eye
1 x St John Strips Adhesive Plastic 50s
1 x St John Tape Hypoallergenic 1.25cm x 9m
1 x Pins Safety Assorted 12s
1 x Scissors Sharp-Blunt Stainless Steel 12.5cm
2 x Wipes Antiseptic
1 x St John First Aid Quick Reference guide
1 x St John Notepad And Pencil
1 x Safety Triangle
1 x Safety Vest High Visibility

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