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SunSense Sensitive Protect SPF 50

Ego Pharmaceuticals

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Ego SunSense Sensitive Protect SPF 50

Discover the latest protection under the sun with Ego's new additions to the acclaimed SunSense Range.

Product Variants:

  1. SunSense Sensitive Protect SPF 50 50ml (Roll-on)
  2. SunSense Sensitive Protect SPF 50 125ml (Bottle)

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimum SPF Protection: Arm yourself against the harsh sun with a high protection rating of SPF 50. Step out with confidence knowing you’re shielded from both UVA & UVB rays.

  • Water Resistant: Whether you’re diving into the pool or caught in an unexpected drizzle, our formula boasts a water resistance of up to 2 hours.

  • Sensitive Skin? No Problem: Exclusively formulated for those with delicate skin types. Experience the blend of physical and chemical sunscreen actives that ensure maximum protection without the irritation.

  • Family Friendly: Our SunSense Sensitive Protect is not only perfect for adults but is also suitable for kids aged 6 months and up. Ensure your entire family stays sun-safe with a product that caters to everyone.

  • Clean & Pure: Enjoy a sunscreen that's both fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, ensuring no clogged pores or unexpected breakouts.

  • Expert Approved: Place your trust in a product that comes dermatologist and pediatrician tested, ensuring the highest standard for you and your family.

Ego's SunSense Sensitive Protect SPF 50 is more than just a sunscreen; it’s a promise of reliable and uncompromising sun protection for you and your loved ones. Choose the best; choose SunSense.

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