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15 New Baby Essentials for Your Home

15 New Baby Essentials for Your Home

If you’re having your first baby soon, you’ll need more than you might think when you first get home. You know the basics, like a pram, bottles and nappies, but what other items are essential to properly caring for your new bundle of joy? Here re 15, some of which may even surprise you.

1. A Cot and Bedding

baby nursery cot

Your baby will need somewhere to sleep, so having that cot all put together and ready when the exciting day arrives is crucial, but that’s not all. Along with that cot comes bedding essentials. These include:

  • Mattress
  • Mattress protectors
  • Cot sheets
  • Blankets

These are all the items guaranteed to keep baby safe and warm during slumber, though brief and sporadic as it may be at first.

2. Bottles and Accessories

If you aren’t breastfeeding, or if you plan to express, you’ll want to have plenty of bottles on-hand. Along with those, you’ll need a handful of accessories always at the ready to ensure smooth feeds. These include:

  • Teats
  • Bottle brushes
  • Formula if used

3. Bath Essentials

When bathing your baby, you’ll need a few important essentials. As its Baby notes, “The first couple of weeks you will be giving baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off.” Consider washes that are easy on sensitive skin. After bath time, use lotion to moisturise and soothe sensitive skin.

4. Nappies

While this one is obvious, did you know how many choices you actually have when it comes to this essential? You’ll want to start out with newborn nappies, but babies can grow very fast, so you’ll also want to have some infant nappies on-hand as well. As noted on She Knows, “whether you’re going down the disposable route or planning to use cloth, make sure you have a plentiful supply.”

5. Nappy Bags

baby nappy bag

Your bag of choice from here on out will be the nappy bag. In addition to carrying a few of your own essentials, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of nappies and accessories at all times.

6. Rash Cream

Babies’ skin is very sensitive, and will inevitably become irritated from all the nappies and changes. A rash cream can help soothe an irritated bum and make life much more comfortable for your little one.

7. Change Table

You have several choices when it comes to change tables. You can:

  • Purchase a free-standing change table
  • Choose one with drawers to keep essentials in one place
  • Place a foam change mat with sides on a set of drawers

8. Sleepers

You’ll probably get a lot of sleepers as gifts, but you can never have enough. According to, “Sleepers, as you might guess, are perfect for nighttime but are also good all-around travelling clothes.”

9. Car Seat

baby car seat
A car seat is an absolute necessity. You can’t drive baby around without it, so don’t skimp on this essential. You want to make sure your tiny bundle stays safe during transport, so choose one that comes highly recommended.

10. Baby Nail Clippers

Your baby’s nails will grow long in a surprising amount of time, so it’s important to have the right tools on-hand. Nail clippers made especially for babies will keep them from scratching themselves or others.

11. Baby paracetamol

You’ll want a bottle of this on hand for when your baby is ill with fever or some other ailment. Be sure to choose one that is suitable for infants.

12. Soft Carriers

Soft carriers are great for when you want to forego the pram and keep baby strapped to you. According to Parent Map, “Styles range from sling to wrap to front-to-back convertible, so talk to a friend, try a few out and keep your receipts.”

13. Clothes, Clothes and More Clothes

It may  not seem like your newborn needs a lot of clothes, but as pointed out on Kinsa Health, “New babies need several changes of clothing every day, thanks to spitting up and diaper blowouts.”

14. Thermometer

You’ll need fever indicators to check your baby’s temperature, so you can begin easing a fever as soon as possible. Baby thermometers come in a variety of forms including stick-ons, which are easy to use.

15. Cooling Patches

Cooling patches are helpful for restoring your baby’s temperature to normal when a fever occurs. They’re comfortable and won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

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