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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Our FeverMates Cooling Patches

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Our FeverMates Cooling Patches

Ten years ago, the US government advised parents that they could reduce their child’s fever in two ways: through medication or a cooling treatment outside the body.  

Back then, outside the body cooling relief took exactly the same form as it had for centuries. You could take a bath or apply a cool cloth.

Fortunately, we now have a more modern and effective approach to relieving fevers. Let's take a look at our FeverMate cooling patches.

FeverMates Provide Up to Eight Hours of Cooling Relief

Each FeverMates pouch has two cooling patches within. An individual patch provides approximately eight hours of gentle cooling relief. This ensures consistent and convenient treatment of fever throughout the cycle of the illness. 

No Worries About Combining Medicines When You Use FeverMates

Some medicines that serve adult fever reduction needs safely may cause serious illnesses in children. For example, medical science has linked children and teenagers’ use of aspirin with Reyes Syndrome.  

Also, some medications, such as ibuprofen, interact adversely with common childhood conditions, such as asthma.

Using the cooling patches takes the research and guesswork out of potential over the counter remedy interactions.

More Convenient and Effective Than Alternatives

FeverMates offers superior convenience, comfort, and effectiveness over alternative non-medical methods used for centuries. It also works more consistently for a longer period of time.

Traditional methods that worked in the past cannot match the effectiveness of FeverMates.

Cooling Bath

A cool bath does help to bring the temperature down in the short term. The thing is, most people can't stand to take a cold bath even when they are feeling well. A child or adult suffering from fever would find it quite uncomfortable, while also less effective than FeverMates.


Many automatically turn to a cold, wet washcloth to apply to the forehead.  It feels refreshing at first and does have some effect. Body heat, however, quickly saps the cooling action. Within 20 minutes, usually, the washcloth temperature usually has risen to room temperature. 

Also, a washcloth will not stay on overnight or during activity.

Safe For the Youngest of Children

Every parent wants to know the safest way to reduce their child’s fever. Doctors recommend that very young children and anyone with certain conditions should avoid some fever-reducing medications. Some say six months and under should receive no medication at all. Toddlers also have certain medication restrictions.

Confused By All the Different Directions?  

Use FeverMates first.  

They can help to reduce fevers without using medication.  While medication serves as one of the strongest lines of defence against illness, relief without it is preferable. You can also cut the patches to the right size for your baby's head. 

FeverMates Provides Cost-Effective Treatment

One packet of two cooling patches costs less than most fever and illness medication. For around four dollars, you get 16 hours worth of treatment. In many cases, this is enough to get through the worst of the symptoms.

Please remember that FeverMates only treats symptoms of illness, not the sickness itself. If symptoms persist or worsen, the patient should see a doctor.

Keep In Mind That Fevers Can Be Signs of Severe Illness

Refer to this to see at what point a fever becomes too dangerous to treat at home. If your fever or that of another reaches these benchmarks, apply FeverMates, but take the patient immediately to emergency care.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out. We have a contact form on our website along with a convenient chat function. Our staff will happily answer any questions that you have about this innovative, safe, and effective product.

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