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7 Reasons Why You Will Love Fevermates Reusable Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about the ways we navigate life.

One of the most prominent examples of this is the face mask. In many places across the world, you must wear a face mask in public. The only real problem with this for most people is the fashion aspect -- a typical medical face mask isn't really the most stylish thing to rock.

Because of this, the demand for custom fabric face masks has skyrocketed. People want to show off their personality and style even if they have to hide under a mask.

If you're tired of letting your face mask ruin your style, you'll love the custom face masks from FeverMates. Here are 7 reasons why.


1. They're Creative & Fun

At FeverMates, we understand that safety comes first. But who says you can't have safety and fun?

Our reusable fabric face masks come in a huge variety of designs to match your personality in a fun way. We have masks that feature kissy faces, hipster moustaches, and anime mouths that will bring a laugh to anyone who passes you by. At a time like this, anything that causes a laugh is reason enough to make the investment.

We also have bold colours to match your personality, pride flag masks to show off your pride, and a unicorn mask for all those fantasy lovers. Our masks come in child and adult sizes, making them a great choice for all.

Do you Carry Regular Medical Masks?

If you don't care about the fashion side of things, we also offer disposable face masks and surgical level 2 masks! They may not be fun and creative, but they're effective and affordable from FeverMates.

2. They're Safe

Many people believe fabric face masks are useless. This isn't the case, though.

covid, covid19, flu, fever, cold, sanitisers, sleep, sanitizers, fevermates, mediband, handband, facemasks, face mask, hand sanitisers, hand sanitizersAll of our fabric face masks come equipped with a filter pocket and a replaceable PM2.5 filter. They're made with two layers of cotton and polyester to offer the widest scope of protection. They're also machine washable and fit snug to your face, with adjustable earloops to fit any sized head.

Our face masks follow the CDC's guide favouring multiple layers and go a step further by offering replaceable filters.

Do You Sell Filter Replacements?

All of our fabric face masks come with a filter. Once yours runs out, you can buy a 10-pack from FeverMates. These easily slide into the filter pocket, offering you the most protection a fabric face mask can.

3. They're Fashion-Forward

We can't emphasize it enough: the worst part about masks is how fashion-backward they tend to be.

An unattractive face mask can throw off a whole outfit. That's why FeverMates offers masks in so many different colors. To name just a few, we offer classic blue, grape, navy, pink, fire red, and stark black to match anything you're wearing.

Turn your mask into a fashion statement with a fun color from FeverMates. You deserve to feel good about the way you look, even during a pandemic.

4. Masks for the Whole Family

Another big problem with masks is the size. It's hard to get a mask that fits your head, as every head is differently sized and shaped. What's more, it's hard to convince your children to wear a mask at all.

Our masks come with easily-adjustable ear straps to fit every face. All you do is put the mask on and pull the string to fasten it to your head. That's not where our consideration stops, though.

We offer masks in adult regular, child regular, and adult large sizes to offer the widest range of possibilities. The fabric of each mask is measured accordingly, meaning you don't have to worry about your kids wearing a loose-fitting mask. Kids may also be more excited to wear their mask if it has a fun design on it!

Get the whole family masked-up with FeverMates.

What are the Measurements of Each Mask?

Adult-regular offers 17x13cm's of fabric. Adult large is a more roomy 18x15cm. Child regular comes in at 15x13cm, the smallest of the bunch.

5. They're Reusable

The best thing about fabric face masks, including those from FeverMates, is that they're reusable.

You can keep wearing these masks over and over again without any fear of contamination. Even better, you can wash these masks just like you would any other item of clothing! You can throw them into your washing machine with other clothes, on their own, or hand wash them if you prefer!

6. They're Customisable

The most fun part about FeverMates masks is the ability to make your own.

In collaboration with Hand Band, we offer you complete custom face masks. You can spice up your mask with any color or image you want! 

You can advertise your business on your mask, adorn it with a funny face, or even a motivational quote to get people through their day. If you can imagine it, you can put it on a FeverMates mask. These masks are just like our regular fabric face masks, offering dual-layer protection and a pouch for filters.

7. They Lead to Rewards

That's right -- purchasing a mask, filters, and other products from FeverMates gets you rewards!

At FeverMates, we offer our customers rewards points every time they shop. These points can be put toward discounts on other items, including more face masks and replacement filters! Saving money is one of the most important things you have to do during a pandemic, making FeverMates an incredible way to save for what's really important.

Need a Recap? 

handband, mediband, fevermates, doctors, covid, covid19, cold, flu, fever, temperature, facemask, masks, facemasks, sanitiser, sanitizer, hand sanitiser, first aid, medical alert, medical id

Get Your Custom Fabric Face Masks Today

The search for the perfect fabric face masks ends now. At FeverMates, we'll take care of you every step of the way. Not only do we offer some of the safest fabric face masks around, but we also offer some of the most fashion-forward face masks on the market.

If you're ready to equip your whole family with fun, custom face masks, and more, check out our products page today. 

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