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Why cooling patches are essential for your child's fever

Why cooling patches are essential for your child's fever

Parents usually find it challenging to take care of a sick child. The younger the child, the more difficult it becomes to monitor their illness, feed them and administer medication. Babies and very young children find it difficult to express how they feel. They usually resort to crying or struggle to articulate their feelings using only a limited vocabulary.

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As a parent, all you can do is to be on the lookout for signs of illness in your child. These include restlessness, sensitivity, irritability, paleness, lack of appetite, fatigue and fever.

cooling patches, temperature, kids health, sick, cold, flu, thermometer, covid19, fever


Fever is one of the most common signs that a child is unwell.

The normal body temperature for babies and children is approximately 36.4°C. If it reaches about 38°C or more, your child already has a fever. They will feel warm to the touch, particularly on their back, stomach and forehead.

What to do when your child has a fever

Fever is not a disease but an indicator of one. When there’s an infection in the body, the number of antibodies increases. Inflammation in the infected area affects the entire body, so fever results.

When your child has a fever, your primary goal would be to bring the fever down. You also have to keep your child as comfortable as possible while their body is fighting off the infection.

There are various methods you can use to reduce your child’s body temperature. You can:

  • Give them acetaminophen (with doctor’s advice)
  • Keep your child’s room cool
  • Dress your child in cool, comfortable, lightweight clothing
  • Treat your child to a lukewarm sponge bath
  • Ensure your child stays hydrated
  • Apply cooling patches
cooling patches, temperature, kids health, sick, cold, flu, thermometer, covid19, fever


Of all these solutions, using cooling patches is one of the most effective methods of lowering your child’s body temperature. Cooling patches also provide other benefits that make them a great solution for reducing fever, especially in children.

How cooling patches help

Soothing, cooling patches are affordable, easy to use and very convenient. To use one, all you have to do is stick it on your child’s forehead.

They’re also perfect for children because:

  • They contain a large percentage of water that works with the body’s natural cooling system.
  • The evaporation process resulting in a cold sensation has no harmful effects on humans.
  • They are easily absorbed and disperse heat quickly and effectively.
  • They are gentle on the skin and have no fragrance or colouring ingredients.
  • They can provide up to eight hours of soothing, cooling relief.

FeverMates cooling patches for kids


cooling patches, temperature, kids health, sick, cold, flu, thermometer, covid19, fever


If you’re looking to purchase cooling patches, look no further than FeverMates. Our cooling patches are sized just right, so you can easily stick one on your child’s forehead.

FeverMates cooling patches work by pulling heat away from the forehead. The unique hydrogel ingredient ensures the cooling effect lasts for as long as eight hours, providing continuous relief.

This eliminates the need to use a washcloth that has to be dampened periodically to work. You also have the option to use FeverMates cooling patches as a complementary treatment if your child is taking medicine. And, at the affordable price of $5.95 for six patches in three resealable pouches, you can already manage your child’s fever and help in their recovery.

And while your child is relaxed and sleeping, you can also rest and get some sleep. This means less stress for you.

Even adults can benefit from FeverMates – they’re also effective at relieving headaches, migraine attacks and hot flashes.

Drive fever away with FeverMates

So, if your child has a fever, make sure you have FeverMates on hand. They’re your reliable partners for managing your child’s fever and reducing body temperature. 

However, make sure you consult with your physician if there is no improvement, even after you’ve tried different remedies.

If you need more information about FeverMates cooling patches or have questions about our products, please contact us.

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