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Don't Sweat the Heat: 4 Benefits of Using Cooling Patches

Don't Sweat the Heat: 4 Benefits of Using Cooling Patches

Playing outside is perhaps the best exercise your kids can get, but when the temperatures skyrocket it's easy to overheat. High temperatures and high humidity can lead to heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke.

Children under four are at a high risk of getting heat exhaustion or heatstroke which is why it's important to take precautions.

Making sure your kids stay hydrated and play in the shade are two suggestions, but have you ever considered using cooling patches? These stick-on patches are easy to use and help keep you and your family cool even on the hottest days.

Learn more about how they work and what benefits they have for you and your kids.

What Are Cooling Patches?

Cooling patches help provide relief when your child overheats or has a fever. These patches adhere to the skin, making them easy to place on the forehead. Our small cooling patches are the perfect size for your little one.

You don't need to activate the patches as each one comes ready to use and lasts for up to eight hours. This means they'll stick and stay cool even during activity outside. All you need to do is clean and dry your child's forehead and then remove the backing before sticking it on the skin.

FeverMates patches use hydrogel which helps to pull heat from the body and keep your child cool. This method is more comfortable than an ice pack and more effective than using a cool cloth. Plus, you can use cooling patches with other medicines.

When to Use Them

One of the most common reasons to use a cooling patch is to help reduce a child's fever. In fact, using a cold compress or cooling patch is one of the best ways to reduce a fever.

You can also use a cooling patch to keep your young ones comfortable when outside in the warm weather. Keeping their temperature stable helps prevent them from getting overheated. When used with other precautions, like keeping them hydrated or using body cooling clothing, your kids stay cool and comfortable.

They're also safe for the whole family, making them a must-have for family trips this season.

Wondering about the other benefits?

1. A Cooling Patch Keeps Your Child Comfortable in the Heat

While playing outside, kids sometimes forget to take breaks and cool down. Make it easier for them by using a cooling patch while they're out in the sun.

Keeping your young ones cool keeps them comfortable, which can help keep their energy levels high and do wonders for their mood.

Other ways to keep cool in the summer heat involve wearing cooling clothing or breathable fabrics like cotton. Leave outdoor exercise and playtime for the cooler hours of the day such as the early morning and late evening.

Remember to keep everyone hydrated with plenty of water. Avoid caffeine as this can make dehydration worse.

Even if our body's total water content dips by one per cent, it impacts our organs, cognitive ability, and our mood. Dehydration can lead to mood swings, muscle cramps, and more.

2. They're Portable and Easy to Take on Holiday

Plan on hitting the pool or the beach this summer? How about a family camping trip? Trips with the whole family can be a lot of fun, but it's also easy to get overheated in the summer sun.

Cooling patches are small and easy to take with you in your luggage or bag so you can take them on your family holiday. Make sure to also pack a first aid kit and safety items in the event of an accident.

When taking a trip with the whole family, proper planning is the key to having a good time. During the summer, make sure to pack appropriate clothing for the heat.

Make sure to stop and rest to avoid overheating and try to relax in the shade. Use a personal cooling device like our cooling patches or a personal mister. A battery-powered fan also does wonders for keeping everyone happy in the heat.

3. A Cooling Patch Lowers Fever

Did you know that severe sunburn can lead to fever? Kids are particularly susceptible to sunburn, which is why it's important to watch for warning signs.

Signs of Fever

According to the NHS, a fever is when a child's temperature is 38C or higher.

If you suspect your kiddo has a fever, check for the following signs:

  • They feel warmer than usual to the touch
  • They have a red face
  • They feel sweaty or clammy

If you notice any of the above signs, check their temperature. Our stick-on temperature indicators are easy to apply and last for up to 48 hours.

When compared to traditional thermometers, FeverMates temperature indicators are less fussy and require less preparation to use.

Keep Them Cool Without Medicine

You never know when your little one might come down with a fever. For example, do you know how to check your baby for fever symptoms?

When they're sick, lowering their temperature is one of the best ways to keep them comfortable. But it isn't easy to keep a cloth on their head and a bath isn't always an option. That's why stick-on patches are the best solution for young children.

Also, our cooling patches are safe to use with medicine but you may be able to lower your child's fever without it.

4. They're Convenient and Efficient

One reason toddlers are at a higher risk of getting heat exhaustion is that their bodies can't regulate their temperature well, which is why it's important to keep an eye on them. However, it isn't always easy or feasible to bring a thermometer or an ice pack along.

Our fever monitors and cooling patches are much more portable and can fit in your diaper bag, suitcase, or purse. You can take them with you anywhere from sporting events to the beach.

Our patches last for hours, keeping your kids cool all day. They also stay put even during activity, so you won't have to worry about them falling off. When it's time to remove them, they come off with little discomfort.

Discover the Benefits of Cooling Patches for Yourself

Using cooling patches is not only an easy way to reduce your child's fever, but they can also help keep your little ones and your family cool in the heat.

Think of them as a portable, personal cooling solution. Since they last for hours, you can soak up the sun without worrying about high temperatures ruining your day.

Discover the benefits of using our cooling patches and be sure to check out our other FeverMates products.

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