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Why you should be using hand sanitiser in the fight against COVID-19

Why you should be using hand sanitiser in the fight against COVID-19

hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser, if applied correctly has proven to be effective in protecting yourself and others from viruses and bacteria, such as COVID-19. As the World Health Organisation recommends, hand sanitiser is the perfect on-the-go method of cleaning your hands when you don’t have access to soap and water. 


When one has no access to soap and water, hand sanitiser presents as an appropriate solution and alternative to ensure hygiene is met. The active ingredients in hand sanitisers include isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), a similar form of alcohol (ethanol or n-propanol), or a combination of them all.

These alcohols have been found to kill microbes by dissolving the outer layer of proteins, thereby disrupting their metabolism. This means hand sanitiser effectively kills germs fast just like washing your hands with soap and water.

However, there are still limitations to hand sanitisers effectiveness.


Use hand sanitiser when:

  • You have no access to soap and water
  • Before and after visiting someone 
  • You want added protection after washing your hands 

 Don’t use hand sanitiser when:

  • In place of washing with soap and water
  • When your hands are visibly dirty 
  • When your hands have chemicals 


In order to ensure hand sanitiser can effectively help fight COVID-19, you should be applying a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. Other tips include rubbing it in fully and waiting for the hand sanitiser to feel dry before using your hands to do anything else.  

FeverMates has a full range of hand sanitisers;

  • 500ml spray and gel
  • 60ml travel size gel
  • 20kg drum

All products are Australian Made and kill germs fast with 70% v/v of ethanol. 


FeverMates Hand Sanitiser Gel:

FeverMates Hand Sanitiser Gel

FeverMates Hand Sanitiser Gel is made from 70% ethanol vitamin enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5  & Vitamin E and kills 99.9% of germs. 

FeverMates Hand Sanitiser Spray:

FeverMates Hand Sanitiser Spray

FeverMates Hand Sanitiser Spray is made from 70% ethanol enriched with aloe vera leaf juice and kills 99.9% of germs. 

Both products are suitable for use in hospitality, offices, shops, airports, public transport and public areas and are also both made in Australia.  If you are interested in purchasing products from our FeverMates Hand Sanitiser line click here.


During such an uncertain time, there are set things you can do to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect yourself and others. Whilst there are no current vaccine for COVID-19, as recommended by the Australian government, you should get a flu shot when it’s available. Other tips include installing healthy lifestyle tips amongst your families, such as getting a good night's rest, eating a well-balanced diet and daily exercise. Individuals should also be practising social distancing and home isolation to help flatten the curve

The increased use of hand sanitisers is now going into and out of shops, venues and restaurants at points of entrance. Patrons are almost always asked to sign in to establishments either virtually or with a pen and paper. SanPens is a great addition to carry around with you everywhere you go to avoid using the same pen as everyone else. SanPen is a pen that holds hand sanitiser spray and is refillable.
















Additionally, carrying around FeverMates 60ml hand sanitiser gel is the perfect size to fit in your bag, pocket or leave in your car. This is ideal when visiting and interacting within public areas and using high touch facilities such as door knobs, vending machines, ATMs. 


Remember we are all in this together and with the correct information we have, the better we can stay prepared and fight this virus!

For more information about our incredible line of products, please visit our website and contact us today.

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