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10 ways to prevent your toddler from getting sick

10 ways to prevent your toddler from getting sick

Your toddler is a determined individual, and so you already know how hard it is to stop them from getting sick. Toddlers love to explore and they often rebel against healthy lifestyle measures. But as their parent, you can try a few tricks to stop them from getting sick.

Adopt the right handwashing technique

When you reach peak germ season, a good handwashing technique is everything. Make sure your toddler washes their hands for at least 30 seconds. Ideally, they'll do this before meals and after going to the toilet.

If your little one is resistant to handwashing, don't worry. You can always turn it into a game. Try using a coloured handwash so they can have fun while doing it.

Dry their hair after they shower

Another way to protect your toddler's health is to dry their hair after they shower. Although there's no direct link between wet hair and colds, having a low body temperature weakens your toddler's immune system. By allowing their hair to remain wet during cold weather, you're not doing their immune system any favours.

As soon as your little one jumps out of the bath or shower, towel dry their hair. Then blast it with a hairdryer to take most of the wetness away.

Don't let them walk around barefoot

Although viruses won't enter through your little one's feet, allowing them to remain barefoot may result in a lower body temperature. This is especially true if the floors inside your home are cold.

When the weather is cold, make sure your children wear a cosy pair of socks. If it's starting to get cold at night, ask them to wear socks to bed too.

Make sure they wear a jacket at night

Just like adults, toddlers will spend time outdoors at night too. Whether it's for a shopping trip or a sports match, they need protection against cold temperatures.

To protect your children's health, always make sure they wear a jacket at night. If you're not sure whether they're feeling warm enough, feel their hands. If their hands are cold, add more layers.

Set the right room temperature

Room temperature monitoring is essential when you have a toddler. They don't regulate their temperature as effectively as adults do, which means you need to do the work for them.

The optimal room temperature for your little one is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. Many baby monitors now measure room temperature too. Additionally, you can set the thermostat in your home so that it achieves the right temperature.

Balance their sleep routine

When it comes to managing your toddler's health, getting them to maintain a good sleep routine is a battle. But with some effort, you can manage it.

Making sure your child gets enough sleep allows them to produce more cytokines. As proteins that play an important role in immunity, cytokines help to keep viruses at bay. If your toddler is currently struggling with sleep, start by creating a pre-bedtime routine for them. Making sure they're active during the day can help them burn off energy too.

Feed them green veggies

Veggies of all kinds are great for your children's health. But green veggies appear to play an extra-special role in preventing them from getting sick. According to some experts, green veggies such as broccoli build the immunity of cells along the gut wall. This then allows the gut to act as a better defence system against pathogens.

If your little one isn't a fan of broccoli, try experimenting with other green veggies. In the event that they still won't try them, stealthily hide veggies in sauces. With a little cooking magic, you can boost their immune system without any battles. Over time, your toddler may grow to love their greens.

Stay away from infected people

When the cold and flu season is fast upon you, you'll soon get wind of who has one. If you become aware of an outbreak, try avoiding places where pathogens are likely to spread. Additionally, don't socialise with people who have an infection. When someone lets you know that they have a cold, stay away.

Of course, you can't prevent colds entirely. If your little one has one, use one of our Fevermates temperature monitoring strips. Our strips are long-lasting and easy to wear. You can use them to monitor your little one's temperature throughout the day. If they do run a fever, use one of our cooling patches to keep them comfortable. Additionally, make sure they stay well hydrated.

Reduce their stress levels

Much like adults, toddlers are prone to stress. In fact, stress management is a key part of maintaining your children's health. Although you can't stop your little one from feeling stressed all the time, you can help them somewhat. Plenty of cuddles and playtime will go a long way, as well as reassuring them when they're upset.

Stress can lower your toddler's immune system. It causes them to release more of the hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels remain high for too long, immunity suffers. By helping your toddler to lead a stress-free life, you reduce their likelihood of falling sick. You should also find that reducing your toddler's stress limits your stress too.

Encourage them to exercise

If your toddler is a busy individual, you'd be forgiven for thinking they already get enough exercise. Although they don't need formal exercise in the same way us adults do, they can benefit from time spent running around and playing.

Your toddler's health will vastly improve if they are more active. Being active boosts their white blood cell count. As a result, they'll have a better immediate defence against pathogens.

Protecting your children's health becomes easier when you make a few little lifestyle changes. From encouraging them to eat a healthy diet to helping them sleep, there are plenty of tactics for you to try. At Fevermates, we sell temperature monitoring strips for when your toddler does fall ill. Alongside our cooling patches, they're ideal for getting your toddler through brief periods of illness.

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