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8 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Hacks

On average, we spend about 30 minutes a day in our bathrooms. And 25% of us spend more than an hour in there!

If you have kids, then you're probably in the minority that spends over an hour a day in the bathroom. Not only do you have to take care of yourself, but also your children.

Because you're spending so much of your time in this area, you're probably wondering about ways to make the bathroom a better and safer place for your children.

Here are 8 kid-friendly bath hacks to make your bathroom a safer space.

1. Pick Sturdy Shower Curtains

While your children are in the bath, they'll be curious about their surroundings. They'll want to touch and pull on everything, which is great for learning about their environments.

However, you'll want to keep the shower curtains from crashing down both of you during bath time! Pick shower curtains with sturdy rods and rings. If the one you've picked has plastic rings, consider replacing them yourself with metal ones.

2. Put in Slip-Proof Bath Mats

When you're dealing with water, you're dealing with the possibility of slips. The CDC in the United States reports that over 234,000 injuries happen in the bathroom every year to people over the age of 15. We can expect similar numbers in Australia, and maybe even more for kids who don't have as good control over their bodies as adults do.

This is why it's vital you purchase slip-proof bath mats not only for the tub, but also for when you get out. That way, your children can properly dry off their feet before running around the house.

3. Stash Away All Electrical Cords

Electrical cords and water don't mix; not only can the wires rust and break down, but they can also pose a safety risk. If you're in the water or touching the wire when it's wet, it can send dangerous electrical shocks through your body.

Make sure all appliances are stashed away when they're not in use, with all cords out of sight. Keep them in high-up places so your children can't reach and pull them down.

If there are appliances that need to be plugged in at all times, then make sure they're tucked away, as close to the wall as possible. Again, put them as high up as possible so your kids can't reach them.

4. Avoid Storing Glass in the Bathroom

Should your child get cut by glass, it may create a jagged injury. Not only that, but it may run quite deep. They can get pieces stuck and it may damage their muscle, nerves, and tendons.

Because of this, you should avoid storing glass in the bathroom. This might mean sacrificing a little on the aesthetics to keep your children safe.

So instead of a glass vase, try something like an unbreakable rubber vase! Not only does this make the bathroom safer, but it also gives more of a fun and playful look.

5. Put Breakables in Safe Positions

Perhaps you have some glass items you must store in the bathroom. Or you have other breakables, such as ceramic.

The best thing is to store them in cabinets or shelves where your kids can't get ahold of them. If this isn't possible, then try to find the safest positions to store them so if they are touched or moved, they won't break.

For example, if you store Q-tips in a glass jar, either move it to inside the medicine cabinet or put it in the farthest corner away from the reach of your kids.

6. Have a First Aid Kit Handy

Despite your best efforts, accidents will still happen in the bathroom. But you shouldn't take this as a reflection of how well you parent! The reality is, 16% of injuries that happen to Australian children between 5 to 14 years old are either inside their own house or someone else's.

For this reason, you should keep a Tiny Tots Safety Kit in your medicine cabinet. Should your little one get a cut or scratch during bath time, then you'll have a first aid kit on hand to promptly take care of any injuries.

7. Have a Stash of FeverMates Stick-On Temperature Indicators

When it's flu season at school, you'll want to do everything in your power to prevent your child from getting sick. But unfortunately, your efforts don't always work.

A great way to monitor your kids while they're ill is with FeverMates stick-on temperature indicators. These last for up to 48 hours and will tell you exactly what their temperature is. Plus, they have cute designs, which makes temperature taking easy!

8. Put Some FeverMates Cooling Patches in Your Medicine Cabinet

If your toddler is teething, they may always be cranky and in pain. Or if they're running a fever from being ill, they'll be cranky then too.

Having a FeverMates cooling patch on hand can do wonders, as they'll get a little bit of pain relief and distraction from those growing pains. This will ensure that they stay still and refrain from throwing tantrums while you're towelling them off, brushing their hair, or getting them dressed.

Use These Bath Hacks to Keep Your Kids Safe

With these handy bath hacks under your belt, you'll be able to make bath time a fun and safe activity, no matter how your kids are feeling!

Whether they're feeling healthy and rambunctious, or they're feeling under the weather and lethargic, you'll be able to handle every scenario in the bathroom without worry that your children are in hazardous situations. And with FeverMates products in your arsenal, you'll be able to monitor any fevers with a close eye and keep your ill kids comfortable.

Ready to purchase some items to keep your children safe and sound? Then check out our FeverMates products!

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