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COVID-19: Why we should be wearing masks

COVID-19: Why we should be wearing masks

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been many mixed messages regarding the importance and effectiveness of wearing face masks. Most Western countries,  official recommendations were made earlier in the year that the public did not need to wear face masks as health care workers held priority when it came to accessing the masks. 

However, in accordance with Sui Hang’s article, scientific research has recently emerged with the findings stating;

viral entry into human tissue and sneeze/cough-droplet ballistics suggest that the major transmission mechanism is not via the fine aerosols but large droplets.”

In short, this science suggests that masks should be worn by everyone, regardless of profession and exposure towards the virus. 

What this means for you

This means it is time for Australians to make wearing masks a key part of our everyday fight to contain, defeat and override this pandemic. In Australia, whilst we had a good run earlier this year, we are starting to see a second wave. Whilst strict home isolation has not yet been enforced, we are getting on with our everyday lives and exercising social distancing and high levels of personal hygiene. 

Wearing a face mask has been proven to reduce your risk of catching the coronavirus, and thereby its spread. It is also a good reminder to keep our hands and fingers off our faces and reduce the transmission of germs.

Sourcing Masks 

With the surge of demand in surgical face masks or N95 masks, people are resorting to selling counterfeit masks. This means it is important when sourcing masks that you are able to ensure you are purchasing from legitimate businesses and can tell the difference between real and fake surgical face masks. 

When it comes to us, we can ensure that we provide high quality and authentic face masks that effectively prevent a series of airborne pollutants. Our full range of surgical and respiratory masks are specifically designed to serve a variety of purposes, including disease prevention. 

One of our best sellers is our 3 Ply Face Masks with Earloop 10 Pack and are currently available for immediate shipping. Each face mask has a three-layer filtration for easy breathing with comfort ear loop, making them perfect for daily use.

Homemade masks

Research has also emerged that homemade DIY face masks are better than wearing nothing at all. Masks effective at “flattening the curve” can be made at home with a T-shirt and a pair of scissors. There are good reasons to believe that DIY masks are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Take a look at Hong Kong, Mongolia, South Korea and Taiwan, all of which have COVID-19 largely under control. Despite being near the original epicentre of the pandemic in mainland China, none of these countries has resorted to a lockdown. A major factor for this is due to their government promoting the use of masks in public.  

Keeping safe from COVID-19

Simple safety tips such as wearing face masks, proper handwashing, a healthy diet, and avoiding the spread of germs are your best lines of defence against COVID-19. Also make sure you leave the house with hand sanitiser, as this further prevents the spread. FeverMates carries our best-selling Australian-made hand sanitiser line, in both gel and spray form.  When all parents work together, it's easier to keep kids healthy as well as all other family members. Also remember it is just as important to stay positive and busy with as many fun and innovative activities as possible. 

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For more information about our line of products, please visit our website and contact us today for more information.

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