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How to avoid panic buying during COVID-19

How to avoid panic buying during COVID-19

panic buying 

Living in this current climate of COVID-19, a lot of people have turned to panic buying as a way to cope with the uncertainty. Recent media headlines have covered the absurdity of stockpiling toilet paper and other health and sanitary products. In response, the Australian government has announced that panic buying is not an effective and appropriate way of living as it just contributes to unnecessary fear circulating around COVID-19.

Read on to find out how can you prevent panic buying during your next trip to the supermarket, as well as tips to buy more cost-effectively for you and your family during this time.

Create a list to prevent impulsive purchases

a) Essential shopping list for basics 

Go into the supermarket creating a list prior to leaving your house. As you are writing this list look in your pantry and fridge and see what products you are running low in, and thus actually need. This will help reduce the costs of your shopping instead of buying items just because they are right in front of you and available in store. Your basic shopping list should include food groups and other amenities that you and your family use on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

b) Expect to do another list and shop

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you should then create another list expanding to include more comprehensive necessities. This is when you start adding to your essential grocery list to build on one that’s uniquely yours. Items on this list should include products that you don't need to buy weekly or fortnightly. For example, medical supplies, such as hand sanitiser, toilet paper, or even our FeverMates stick-on fever indicators and cooling patches.  Creating a second list will reduce the anxiety of feeling as if you need to purchase everything in one big trip. 

Consider frozen produce

Lately, just as quickly as supermarkets restock shelves and produce they are just as quickly getting wiped out. With this happening, consider implementing frozen produce into you and your family’s diets as they keep for longer and are quite convenient during times like this. An important thing to remember when buying frozen produce is that it loses little to no nutrients compared to fresh produce. So, the convenience of having frozen food on your essential grocery list will not detriment you or your family's health. 

Call ahead if you are after a specific item

If you are after specific essentials such as pharmaceutical products call ahead of time and check with the store if they are in stock. This way you can avoid going to the store and remain isolated at home, as you only leave knowing you are able to get the item. This not only prevents panic buying and buying out of boredom but also helps limit the time you spend leaving your house.

Be openminded to other brands

With COVID-19 there is no doubt you will experience some form of disappointment when you see your favourite brand is out of stock. Alas when your favourite brand restocks, panic buying kicks in as the fear of it running out again becomes real. So next time your favourite brand is run out, try being open-minded to other alternatives and substitutes instead. The benefits of being openminded especially during times like this can help reduce stress and gain insight by trying new products. 

Staying safe during COVID-19

Remember this is a difficult time for all, and by avoiding panic buying we are all making it a little bit easier for the rest of the community as items will be able to go around for everyone. Also make sure you when you leave the house to go on your shopping trips pack hand sanitiser, as this further prevents the spread. FeverMates have just launched our first-ever instant Australian made hand sanitiser line, coming in both hand sanitiser gel and spray form.   

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