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Remote learning: tips for learning from home

Remote learning: tips for learning from home

Tips for learning from home

To help minimise the impacts of COVID-19, many schools are transitioning to remote learning. These forms of social distancing are very important in order to help slow the spread of the virus and prevent overloading health care systems. Subsequently, kids, parents, carers and teachers are all feeling the impacts of this transition and adjusting accordingly. Read on to learn FeverMate’s top tips and ideas when it comes to helping your child make the most out of remote learning from home.

Stick to a set routine 

During such an uncertain time, it is important as parents you help your child stick to a set routine to establish normalcy, a way to get things done and a sense of security. This can mean setting an alarm every morning at the same time in order to achieve a sense of consistency and balance.  Try to start your child’s day as if they are going to school. Encourage them to get up, take a shower, get dressed and have breakfast. 

Make a plan 

Your child’s school and their teacher will prepare your child’s lessons and daily tasks, but it is a good idea if you help your child with how they should go about studying at home. This could mean everyday writing on a list or whiteboard goals and clear objectives for the day. By breaking it down into a checklist this will encourage your child to become more familiar and confident with their expectations of what is to be completed during the day. It is also important to note that kids should do one thing at a time before moving to the next. Lessening multitasking will decrease children’s anxiety and stress regarding their tasks.

Emphasis the importance of note taking 

Notes will help your child remember topic areas that they are having difficulty with. Encouraging your child to take additional notes is a good way for them to start good organisational skills regarding their learning. It'll also be useful for reviewing later work. 

Encourage taking breaks and healthy meal time

Encourage your child to do works in blocks to lessen the strain. After finishing one lesson, take a five minute break before moving on. Additionally, between different lessons prepare a nutritious and healthy lunch as well as snacks for your child. Ensuring your child is consuming a well balanced diet will further improve their concentration levels and motivation towards schooling from home. Additionally, installing healthy diets during times like this can help our children build healthy foundations for the future by encouraging a love of good, healthy food.

Reward achievements and be proud

Studying at home isn't easy. Reward your child for each small success. This is because rewards help motivate and inspire. They provide positive reinforcement for good behaviour while helping encourage your child to complete a difficult task and are are recognition for a job well done. Whether it is getting a certain mark in a quiz or completing a stressful assignment or project, ensure your child is being acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work and achievements. Just as important, reward effort as well. Even if their marks aren’t necessarily incredibly high, if you notice their effort and attitude improving, this is something to be proud of. Examples of rewards can be:

  • Praise 
  • Hi-5, hug, kiss
  • Read their favourite book 
  • Watch their favourite movie 
  • Craft activities
  • Prepare their favourite snack or meal
  • Do a puzzle
  • Cook a fun meal together 
  • Spend time playing a game outside
  • Paint together
  • Bonus screen time


Schooling from home and other social distancing recommendations may feel like an inconvenience, but it's the best way right now to minimise and prevent the impacts of COVID-19.  In the meantime remember that when you and your family leave the house for any essential reasons, it is important to maintain good levels of hygiene. To help with such, FeverMates have launched our first ever Australian made Instant Hand Sanitiser Line, available in both Gel and Spray form, that leave your hands feeling rejuvenated and most importantly, killing germs fast!

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