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The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist

The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist

In Australia, around 3.65 million children are enrolled in school. If you're a parent, then your little ones are sure to be part of this statistic.

Going back to school can be an exciting time, but it can also be quite hectic. This can be especially true if you have several kids enrolled.

But getting your children prepared for the new term doesn't have to be a headache. To help you out, here are some essential back-to-school items you should have for your kids.


If your children have already gone to school before, then they probably already have a backpack. But for those who are just enrolling for the first time (or for those who have put their backpacks through the wringer), then you'll have to go shopping for this before anything else.

There are quite a few options available when it comes to this back-to-school essential. Some are very functional and sturdy, but a bit plain as well, while some are super creative and will certainly delight your children.

The type of backpack you buy for your little ones will depend on their age, personality, and level of care they show. For example, if they're little and show lots of care, you can get away with purchasing a unicorn backpack that may not be as sturdy as, say, a JanSport one.

Pencil Case

Next up is the pencil case. Like with the backpack, you can choose either sturdy and plain pencil cases, or go with ones that are a bit more attractive in design.

Whichever type your kids want, make sure they're big enough to fit everything inside, as well as inside their desk at school. You may also want to consider a soft fabric case instead of a hard plastic one. This will depend on what exactly is going inside.

Make sure you also pick up the items that need to go inside the pencil box, such as:

  • Number 2 pencils
  • Pens
  • Crayons
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Markers
  • Erasers
  • Safety scissors
  • Gluesticks

The actual items your children will need to fill their pencil case with will usually be listed on the handout teachers give before school starts.

Tissues, Hand Sanitiser, and Other Healthcare Items

In general, children can get ill around 5 to 10 times a year, while adults only get ill around 2 to 4 times a year. Consider the fact that they're mingling with other kids all day, all week, and it's a disaster waiting to happen. This can be especially true if the other children don't have good hygiene habits.

So make sure you send them to school with a good arsenal of healthcare items. For example, a packet of tissue will come in handy whether they're ill or just have allergies. Make sure you check their backpacks from time to time to restock their packets.

Hand sanitiser is also a good way to prevent your kids from getting sick. Teach them to use it generously, especially if they've touched lots of surfaces and can't immediately wash their hands.

You'll also want to include things like lotion and chapstick so your children stay comfortable at school. You might want to consider getting something like a makeup bag to contain all these items in a convenient place.

FeverMates Stick-On Temperature Indicators

Your children can practise the best hygiene habits in the world, but it's inevitable that they'll get ill at some point. When that happens, they may feel miserable and feverish. When they're in such a state, they probably won't be able to concentrate on class, but some little ones are stubborn and try to make it through.

What you can do is purchase some FeverMates stick-on temperature indicators to put in their backpacks. Tell your kids that if they ever feel unwell, to stick one of these on and see what number comes up. These stickers are very cutely designed, which will motivate your little ones to use them.

Instruct them to show the results to either a teacher or another adult in the classroom. If your children are indeed ill, then the adults will be able to take the appropriate actions to get them feeling better.

FeverMates Cooling Patches

Another useful thing to have in your children's backpacks is the FeverMates cooling patches. These can be used to soothe your kids should they be sick and have an uncomfortable fever. Of course, in this scenario, they should be sent home as soon as possible.

But children can have fevers for other reasons as well, such as teething. You may be thinking: surely, my kids have already gone through the teething phase as babies and young toddlers?

Well, the fact is, children keep getting new teeth up until they're 12 years old. Whenever new teeth are erupting, it may be very painful and uncomfortable to experience. Having cooling patches on hand can help relieve both pain and discomfort.

While the FeverMates cooling patches are made to fit on kids' heads, they can easily stick it on their cheeks for immediate relief from teething too.


Lunch Bag

Another vital part of your children's back-to-school list is the lunch bag or box. You'll probably spend time preparing delicious and healthy meals for them, so make sure you get a container that'll insulate these meals properly.

Like with many items on this list, lunch bags and boxes can be quite plain or decorated beautifully. It may be worth taking your kids out shopping so they can pick out the things they like. That way, they'll be more motivated to keep track of them and also take better care of them.

Depending on the design of the lunch bag or box, and the accessories that come with them, you might have to purchase some additional things. For example, you may have to buy ice packs and to-go utensils.


Regardless of what grade level your children are in, they should have some notebooks to bring to school. Even pre-schoolers can benefit from this, as they can draw and doodle in the notebooks. This gets them used to handling notebooks and will have them more comfortable when they actually have to write in them in the future.

For the younger kids, you can purchase notebooks that are just blank, as this will make it easier to draw on. For the older children, wide-ruled notebooks will be ideal, as they won't have to cram their words into smaller spaces they would have to with college-ruled notebooks.

Again, this is another area where you can buy notebooks that have cartoon characters or fantasy scenarios on them. This will motivate your children to take good care of their notebooks and not lose them.

Binders, Folders, and Looseleaf Paper

Notebooks are fine and dandy, but your little ones will most likely get handouts and worksheets from their teachers. If they just fold those papers up and stuff them in the notebooks, the papers are sure to fall out and get lost.

For better organisation, you need to give them some binders and folders. Have them put the handouts and worksheets in the binders for easy access (purchase a 3-hole puncher that fits in the binders). For everything else (such as forms for you to sign), they can go in the folders.

It may be worth picking up some looseleaf paper as well. That way, if your kids ever forget to bring their notebooks, they can just take notes and do homework on the looseleaf paper and then put them neatly into their binders.

First-Aid Kit

Classrooms should have first-aid kits, but it's always good for your children to have one on hand. Accidents and injuries could happen while they're out of the classroom or school, after all.

For instance, they may be walking to or from school, and they trip and fall. If they have a safety kit in their backpack, then they can either quickly patch themselves up or find an adult who can do it for them.

Before you stick the first-aid kit into their backpack, you should go over the contents and how to use them with your children. Not only can this teach them some responsibility and useful information, but this will also prepare them better for any emergency situations. You never know—they may be able to lend a helping hand to their playmates should one of them get injured while on the playground.


Be Prepared With These Back-to-School Supplies

No matter if your kids are going to pre-school or primary school, this list provides you with the back-to-school supplies your children need. Whether it's being more organised for class or prepared for injuries or illnesses, your little students are sure to have everything they need to get through the school year.

So make sure to go shopping for these back-to-school essentials well in advance. That way, you'll have everything prepared for your children before they head back to school.

Interested in what else we have to offer? Then please take a look at the FeverMates collection now!

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