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7 Tips on Kids Going Back to School During COVID-19

7 Tips on Kids Going Back to School During COVID-19

7 tips for going back to school during covid-19

Somewhere in the mix of COVID-19, children stopped attending school. While the federal government has consistently explained  that it is safe for schools to remain open, other states advised parents and caregivers to keep their children at home if they are able too. 

However as COVID-19 incidents are slowly decreasing, Australia nationwide is beginning to return back to face to face learning within schools. With this, here are our 7 tips to help ease and manage kids returning back to school amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Keep your children informed 

It is important during these times to keep your children updated and informed regarding latest news updates surrounding COVID-19. Of course they do not need to be aware of every little detail, but when major updates occur it is best to keep them in the loop so they are able to understand the nature of what is happening. This also means children will be more inclined to cooperate and practice hygiene measures as they understand the gravity of COVID-19. 

2. Hand washing + hand sanitiser 

When children don’t have access to soap and water to wash their hands, carrying a hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol in their school bags, can help avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. FeverMates Australian made instant hand sanitiser available in both spray and gel is a great product for your child to use, with adult supervision. Children should either wash their hands with soap or use hand sanitiser before and after meal time, as well as make it a habit for when they arrive home from school. Your child should scrub their hands together for at least 20 seconds. It is a good idea to tell your child to start humming the 'Happy Birthday' song from beginning to end twice. 

Additionally, it is recommended once your child arrives home from school to disinfect all laptops, iPads and mobile phones used throughout the day. Fevermates hand sanitiser spray is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as computer and phone screens. The gentle nourishing fast-drying formula of our hand sanitiser spray kills germs fast.

3. Avoid sharing drinks and food

In accordance with the NSW Government recommendations students and teachers should avoid sharing drinks and food at all times. Instruct your children that when on the playground for lunchtime and recess, to strictly stick to eating out of their own lunch boxes and the food that you have prepared for them. This will not only help with social distancing requirements but also is good hygiene practices for your children.

4. Wear an informative wristband 

For children with a medical condition, wearing a Mediband wristband will help your child stay safe during such confusing times. Medical ID bracelets offer security and protection by providing the medical condition details of the child clearly. It leaves no questions about a child's particular medical condition, and can help first responders quickly understand a situation at hand. 

5. Encourage social distancing 

Wherever possible encourage your child to practice social distancing before during and after school. Explain to them the importance of staying 1.5 metres apart to practice effective social distancing. Additionally, try to avoid crowded areas especially on route to and from school and if you are able to give your child a lift to school, this is recommended.

6. Get the flu vaccine 

As recommended by the NSW Government children and parents should receive the seasonal influenza vaccination. Vaccinating young children protects the wider community by reducing the number of people with the flu virus. It also helps protect the people who are more vulnerable like very young children, older people and people with long-term medical conditions.

7. Stay home if your child is feeling unwell 

If your child is feeling unwell or is showing any signs of the coronavirus it is advised for them to stay home, rest and seek medical attention. FeverMates cooling patches and stick on fever temperature monitors are a great way to help manage sickness when sick at home. Nutraceuticals probiotics and supplements are also an excellent way to boost immune systems. FeverMates brings you the most respected and highest quality nutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements for you and your families. The Medlab Biotic Jnr is a multi-species probiotic formulation targeted to infants for development and wellbeing, as well as to help maintain immune function.

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